Vulnerability, openness and honesty are powerful tools in education

​​One of the things that I pride myself in as an educator is openness, honesty and showing my own vulnerability as a teaching tool. Flashback: The first class I ever taught (In the 1990s) as a brand new teacher and newly qualified in pre-hospital emergency care was to teach first aid qualified adults how to... Continue Reading →

QR Code scanning for attendance tracking

This post is included in my online education professional portfolio and outlines an intervention using technology to increase attendance and engagement of students in compulsory labs. Background: 130 students were required to attend 3-4 skill stations, over two days a week for five weeks to learn fundamental skills.  Each day this took six teachers to... Continue Reading →

Engaging students using experiential learning (non-technology)

This post is part of my professional education portfolio.  Permission gained from those in photographs to have these published on social media. There is a constant discussion in my workplace to find more engaging ways of teaching.  I thought I would share some ideas and concepts which have helped me to engage with young people.... Continue Reading →

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