How I see it …. making assumptions

Over the last week or so, I have been unwell with very little voice. As a result, I have engaged less in conversation and responses have been more deliberate and reflective. What has become apparent is that others seem quick to judge and assume what I think or feel when I converse less. This, in... Continue Reading →

How I see it … Being human

This week has been challenging, but some valuable lessons have emerged. For example, when to push back, when to follow and when to be ”human”. After years of working as an emergency nurse and in a pre-hospital emergency setting, I have found that responding in the moment during unexpected and stressful situations has become automatic.... Continue Reading →

How I see it … being organised

Being independent was something I used to take for granted. Over a year ago, I decided to stop driving as my visual acuity was variable and was consistently below the driving threshold. Even though health professionals stated that they were still happy for me to drive as I was ”sensible”, ”knew my limits”, and had... Continue Reading →

How I see it … innovation

I have had several conversations lately and given several presentations on innovation in either education, health, nursing or technology and am getting a name for myself as an "innovator" and someone to ask about how to innovate.  In designing my presentations and associated learning opportunities, I have explored my thoughts, definitions, challenges and triumphs through... Continue Reading →

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