• How I see it … Post PhD Exhaustion
    I handed my PhD in on Tuesday this week and I must admit it is a relief it is gone in. However, what I didn’t anticipate was the sheer exhaustion after having finishing it. As expected, the PhD has been replaced by an increased workload. But, what I didn’t anticipate was the sheer exhaustion after… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it …. reflections on my PhD progress
    In my job, one of the most important things in my career has been keeping other people safe, as a nurse, as a mentor and as a teacher. I have always looked out for everyone else, as an educator I help my students to navigate their way through their own study, as a mentor in… Continue Reading →
  • Auckland Healthcare Professionals …. do you work in paediatric resuscitation?
    We are looking for health professionals working in ambulance or emergency departments who are involved in paediatric resuscitation to participate in user testing of a smartphone application for weight estimation based on NZ height and weight data. You will be asked to use a smartphone app to measure a length and be asked to fill… Continue Reading →

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