How I see it … Finding my direction

Over the last few months, I have been considering my direction in life and deciding where to focus my energy next. Many people would say their goal in life is similar to world domination, to be the best and promote themselves above others to get where they want to be. But I keep asking, is... Continue Reading →

How I see it … Thoughts on Equity

Ensuring equity for all in a society of many with individual needs has been on my mind lately. Usually, I pride myself in delivering on this for others that I care for, work with and encounter and can reasonably do this but more. More lately, the volume of differing needs has increased, and because of... Continue Reading →

How I see it …. a matter of perspective

I thought I would continue along the theme of assumptions we make and judgements associated with these, along with a narrative about resilience being a rollercoaster ride. This reflection stemmed from an interaction with a healthcare professional today. I saw her with mild but relentless eye pain. She asked me how things were going, how... Continue Reading →

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