How I see it … Thoughts on Equity

Ensuring equity for all in a society of many with individual needs has been on my mind lately. Usually, I pride myself in delivering on this for others that I care for, work with and encounter and can reasonably do this but more. More lately, the volume of differing needs has increased, and because of... Continue Reading →

How I see it … timely reminders

Today I was reminded of a few valuable lessons. After some time away from my job recovering from surgery, new students returned today, which meant being back on campus and in a lecture theatre in front of more than 200 students. For me, being in front of a class, explaining, unpacking, discussing and storytelling to... Continue Reading →

How I see it … accentuating the positive

When you are striving for the best, with some things going on such as family in the hospital, vision changes, the end of the academic year, crowds at Christmas, public transport, PhD oral examination and thesis amendments, co-chairing, marking, several conference presentations and a lot of deadlines/submissions to journals simultaneously it is sometimes hard to... Continue Reading →

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