• Adventures of Guide Dog Sienna – bing a part of a community
    As a relatively new guide dog handler, there are many things that I am yet to learn and this post shares some of the things that I have recently discovered. I will give background and then tell you about a few things I have learned over the last week. Over the last week, I’ve been… Continue Reading →
  • Adventures of Guide Dog Sienna – interacting with a “tired” health care system
    Today our adventure included Sienna’s first visit to a hospital. We were there to support a colleague who asked for a little assistance. The day started like any other. A windy trip to work and then Sienna relaxing in the office while I worked. Or in this case Sienna looking through the interior glass to… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it … and the Adventures of Guide Dog Sienna … a mission we chose to accept
    For the last two weeks Sienna and I have been on a mission. That is to find a particular pair of specialised mountaineering sunglasses to replace the ones that are missing. First I will explain the background and reason for these particular sunglasses and then move on to the adventure Sienna and I have been… Continue Reading →
  • Adventures of Guide Dog Sienna … stuffed toys at work
    This morning on the way to work I left home in a hurry. On the way out the door I didn’t do my usual check to see what Sienna was up to. We arrived at the bus stop and I looked down to tell Sienna what a good job she done finding the bus stop… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it … message to a motorist
    In Auckland, many motorists are going from A to B at any time. Many drivers are conscientious and drive with care and consideration for other road users; however, some do not. First, I will describe a situation I found myself in today with my guide dog Sienna and then reiterate the message I would like… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it … training with Sienna
    Meet Sienna, the new addition to my family; she is a Guide Dog who is 3/4 Labrador and 1/4 Golden Retriever and is 20 months old. I will preface this narrative by saying I have never had a dog before; my family are primarily cat enslaved people, so this post covers my learning about dogs… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it … scary and exciting all at once
    I have been keeping this relatively quiet, but now we are less than 24 hours away from reality, it is time to share. I wrote the below Facebook post on the 14th of March 2022 after being able to have a short walk with a guide dog. For those who use a screen reader, the… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it … systems, policies, lies and promises
    Covid-19 and Omicron have meant different things for people over the last few years. I thought I might share an experience I recently had while attempting to pick up a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). On Monday evening, I developed a sore throat and headache but was unsure if it was from the air conditioning at… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it – Travelling blindfolded is not as easy as it looks
    Just before Christmas, I started re-training in orientation and mobility (O&M) to help out a trainee instructor by allowing her to design and teach me a complete program. The programme ensures that my travel skills are up-to-date while helping her become an instructor. Currently, we are about halfway through our program, with two sessions a… Continue Reading →
  • How I see it …. a taste of the hidden cost of disability during a pandemic
    With Auckland back in Level 4 lockdown, I thought I would share some of the hidden costs of disability in a pandemic.  Please note – this is based on my own experiences and I can navigate these, but others may have their own unique challenges. The costs I will discuss are related to a basic… Continue Reading →

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