I was recommended A new app last week was screencast-o-matic.  This application allows you to record the screen that you’re working on but also at the same time displays a picture of you speaking. This means that students can follow along with what you are doing on the screen and follow your expression with the... Continue Reading →

Emerging Technology in Nursing

I recently attended a symposium in Wellington on Emerging Technology in Healthcare hosted by Health Informatics New Zealand.  I was invited to report on this for Kai Tiaki (New Zeland Nursing Journal).  A condensed / edited version will be published on 15th August 2017.  In the mean time, Health Informatics New Zealand has published the... Continue Reading →

QR Code scanning for attendance tracking

This post is included in my online education professional portfolio and outlines an intervention using technology to increase attendance and engagement of students in compulsory labs. Background: 130 students were required to attend 3-4 skill stations, over two days a week for five weeks to learn fundamental skills.  Each day this took six teachers to... Continue Reading →

Real time, in class, online word art

One of the first tools which I began to use in the classroom was called answer garden. This is a free online tool which allows students to create word art real time in a classroom setting. It gives students ownership and the power to build an opinion that is unique to that group of students.... Continue Reading →

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