How I see it … #alttextforall campeign

Recently I have been involved with a new campaign created by Blind and Low Vision NZ. I am passionate about this cause as it something that I can relate to and have the opportunity to change in my role as a nurse, academic, geek and health informatics expert.

The alttextforall campaign is about making software and Internet services accessable for people who are blind or have low vision. During my PhD I worked with photographs and using the data in these and learned that photographs are not just pictorial representation but include hidden data that can be used in other ways. One of these ways is through alt text which is like a caption within a photograph. will be live until the end of October and is an online campaign that challenges Internet users, primarily businesses and social media uses to include alternitive texgt (alt text) in the photographs that they post so that people who use screen results came over what photographs include. The campeign website shows the background of #alttextforall, how to implement alt text in your photos online and outlines some of the services Blind and Low Vision NZ offers (the part which I was involved with).

There are number of videos but in the campaign, some of which show the impact of not having alt text for photographs others show her how easy it is to add it.

The main promotional video can be seen here:

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