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I realised today that it had been quite some time now since I wrote a blog post. While there have been several family issues that have needed my attention over the last few months, the beauty of the summer is noteworthy.

Takapuna Beach from the boat ramp.

What struck me today was the impact of the seasons on my life. For example, summer has been fantastic, it is lighter for longer each day, and there is more time, the weather is better, being outside is much more enjoyable, and in this environment, I feel much more relaxed.

Trees in bloom at Milford Shopping Centre.

I noticed this so much today because it appeared to get darker earlier than it has lately, which made getting home from work more challenging.

Recent changes in my vision mean that too much light often decreases my ability to see detail; however, this is usually alleviated by wearing sunglasses, a hat or facing away from the light. What I had forgotten was the other extreme, at dusk and night, where the brightness decreases, taking away the detail and the halo and flaring effect of light coupled with the glare.

Over the summer, the impact of this was minimal, and I rarely needed to use my cane as it was light for longer. My confidence in getting around had grown, and even a couple of times, I thought that I was confident and perhaps safe enough to drive again (although this isn’t an option as my visual acuity does not legally allow this).

This illustrated is just how much of an impact the environment can have on the quality of life. In particular, for me around mobility and, therefore, independence.

I believe that noticing this phenomenon is worthwhile as in the moment (winter) when getting around is more complicated. It allows a more natural separation of what is within my sphere of influence and what is not.

… And just because I can, I have added a photo of my cat Katie (2005-2020) that I took several weeks ago.

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