Adventures of Guide Dog Sienna … stuffed toys at work

This morning on the way to work I left home in a hurry. On the way out the door I didn’t do my usual check to see what Sienna was up to.

We arrived at the bus stop and I looked down to tell Sienna what a good job she done finding the bus stop pole for me and I noticed she had something blue in her mouth. On investigation I found bought along a friend.

Sienna had decided to bring your favourite stuffed toy to work. Before I continue, I would like to say that Siana has plenty of toys at work already and when we have a visitor to our office one of her favourite pass times just to give them her toys to play with.

When I got to work with said stuffed toy in toe I got an interesting look. In response, I told one of my colleagues that I thought Siena didn’t like the toys she had it work and had taken the opportunity to replace them.

Guide Dog Sienna with two toys.
Guide Dog Sienna on her bed with the toy she bought to work and one of the ones that live at work.

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